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LC | Mergers & Acquisitions


Owners of SMEs need support in the processes associated with mergers and acquisitions of their company. In a relatively short time important and far-reaching decisions have to be taken that require knowledge from various fields, such as finance, strategy, operations, business administration, and legal affairs. There is a lack of rather small but complete integrative tools that bring together elementary models from the various fields and support the actual decision making process of these entrepreneurs. This project will focus on developing such tools based on the analysis of some recent mergers and acquisitions of SMEs. It encompasses interviews with consultants, bankers and entrepreneurs involved. Learning is partly done by developing a negotiating game which will be played and evaluated.

For: FEB students from all programmes and levels
Lecturers involved: Drs. D.P. Tavenier RA
External business contacts involved: Financing specialists, consultants, and owners of SMEs (t.b.a.).

Skills covered

  • Interviewing
  • Tool development
  • Diagnostic modeling
  • Financial valuation
  • Negotiating

Schedule & Time Investment

to be announced

Planning of the meetings is not set yet; this will be defined based on the availability of the eventual participants.


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You are welcome to attend an information session about this Learning Community on February 5th, at 16.00 h. in room 5411-0125. Dhr. Daan Tavenier is available for questions and will provide any other information you may need to decide whether to participate in this Learning Community.

If you have any questions or for more information, feel free to contact Marjan van Ittersum:


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