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Thesis Internship

Thesis under supervision

There are many different kinds of internships: observational internships, final-year internships, research internships, consultancy internships, introductory internships, experiential internships. At our faculty, you will only receive ECTS credits for internships that are combined with your Master's thesis, or in the Master Internship Programme.

Depending on the aim of your final-year research, it might be interesting to combine your research project with an internship. The final-year internship assignment must meet the faculty requirements. Students will be appointed one supervisor from the faculty and one supervisor from the host institution. Basically, the faculty has two kinds of internships:

  • Research internship: students carry out scientific research within an organization.
  • Consultancy internship: students carry out scientific research within an organization so as to advise the organization about a complex problem.


The aim of a final-year internship is to demonstrate your ability to independently carry out scientific research. The internship must meet the scientific requirements of the specialization.
We have noticed that students often find it difficult to assess whether the possible internship assignment fulfils the scientific criteria. Fortunately, in most cases, the supervising lecturer or thesis coordinator will be able to assess this rather quickly. If you think it is still too soon to consult the thesis coordinator, it might be handy to know that the following aspects are very important:

  • the internship assignment must be related to your field: consult a manual related to your field for matters that should play a role in your internship assignment;
  • the activities must be of academic level (not an observational internship but independent tasks with responsibility);
  • you will work independently: this does not imply that you will be isolated or alone, but that to a large extent you decide on content and approach yourself;
  • the assignment must be challenging.


The faculty is already involved in the preparatory phase and even more so in the execution and completion phase. You will set up the research assignment in cooperation with the host institution and your thesis coordinator. Dovetailing with the research, you will write a Master’s thesis in consultation with your thesis supervisor, a condition for graduation. Therefore it is important to contact a supervising lecturer or thesis coordinator at an early stage. You may have already talked with the company about the content of the internship before consulting the thesis coordinator. If so, please make sure you do not set out the internship assignment entirely. Students can only do a final-year internship in consultation with the thesis coordinator.

Internship contract

For final-year projects, a contract must be signed by all parties (the organization, the faculty and the student). The Faculty of Economics and Business has drafted a standard contract which can be downloaded in Dutch or in English.

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