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Expand your talent pool with FEB's Master students!


Is your organisation confronted with a project or certain job tasks in the field of Economics and Business that can use some new insights or extra support? FEB offers interns to help your company increase its performance by providing you access to the latest knowledge in the field of Economics and Business. Young minds who know how to handle technology like social media and computer programming.

The Master Internship

At this moment we’d like to introduce you to something new at your former faculty. FEB recently introduced the Master Internship. A new and specialized internship by MSc students from five areas of expertise: Technical Operations Management,  Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Business Administration Organisational & Management Control.

Main benefits for your company

  • Taking in talents who can bring fresh perspectives, stimulate new thinking and introduce more innovative ways of doing business
  • Working with Master students who already have quite some experience
  • Diversify your business culture and compete in the global market hiring an international student
  • An opportunity to find out if this young professional can be your next new co-worker
  • Getting practical support and extra capacity

How does it work?

You can submit your vacancy for an internship position. Next, your internship(s) will be entered in our job board, appear on our student portal and will be emailed to the students interested in an internship. We will make sure that the CVs and cover letters of students who are interested in doing your internship, are sent to you. You will not have to worry about slogging through hundreds of applications and you are free to select the student that appeals to you most. After you have selected a student, an internship contract must be signed by a representative of the company, the faculty and the student (to download a format check this page).

The Master Internship starts 1st February 2017 and ends at 30th June 2017.



To submit an internship please fill out our webform. When the vacancy is published, you can check it here. If you would like to further discuss any internship opportunities at your company or if you are interested in hiring a Master Intern for an existing assignment, contact our Corporate Relations and Internships Manager Elise Kamphuis via

Gaining experience
Gaining experience
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