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Your Development

The preparation process
The preparation process

Your career starts with getting to know yourself: your skills, abilities, values, interests, goals and preferences will influence the decisions about your future. This is a process that can take many turns and with today’s demanding and changing work environment, planning and preparation are essential. There are four principal stages of career preparation:

  1. Self-assessment: who am I?
  2. Career Exploration: where am I going?
  3. Focus: what kind of jobs suit me?
  4. The Job Search: how do I get there?

Completing the first two stages, you'll be better prepared to take on the two final stages. Getting started can be the hardest part, but investing your time will be worth it.

The Career Cycle

There are many milestones on the path of career development. These phases in your transition from education to employment need special attention if you really want to present yourself well and be able to demonstrate your added value to future employers. We differentiate between four main phases. FEB Career Services offers you advice for each of these phases:

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