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Employability Key Performance Indicators


According to the 2015 Universum Talent Report, important employability Key Performance Indicators are Leadership, Game Changer and Scalable Learning Mindset.



Professionals with leadership skills show an ability to see the bigger picture in any situation, they inspire their teams, they prefer to work in a team environment, and look for responsibilities. How to develop this?

  • Apply for a position in a board or committee.
  • Join a sports team, or a student or study association.
  • Organise an event.


Game Changers

Game Changers help businesses to grow, to remain in the market and/or stay innovative. They actively seek challenges to rapidly improve their performance, show commitment and responsibility, and have a strong networking disposition. How to develop this?

  • Find your passion and always show passion for what you do.
  • Remain up to date with business news and recent developments in the areas you are interested in.
  • Invest in your network and your networking skills.


Scalable learning Mindset

The new business order moves efforts from scalable efficiency to scalable learning. Mindset and attitude have become crucial to succeed in your professional life. This concerns innovation, creativity and continuing to learn. How to develop this?

  • Find out what your strengths, drives and passions are. And what competences need more attention.
  • Follow MyPlan Career Assessment.
  • Visit FEB’s weekly workshops.

What do employers look for?

In this interview with Career Coach Elise Kamphuis you can read all about what employers value in graduates.

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