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Assessment training

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Case 2016:


About LTP:
LTP offers a rich palette of assessment tools and consulting services, some of which were developed in-house and some of which are offered in cooperation with various universities.
Our services are based on the insights and advice that we can provide regarding the factors that motivate people. But always within the context of the following questions: Who is the person best suited for the position? Can this person develop himself/herself further? How can I realise my potential more fully in my present role? Who are the real talents in the organisation? How can we improve the effectiveness of our leadership?

LTP was established in 1927. We have offices in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Groningen and Rotterdam. We work closely together with clients from all sectors of the business community, the healthcare and educational sectors, and a great many government organisations. Internationally, we work together with partner firms in Europe, Asia and the US.

About the assessment:
Besides being valid and reliable, an assessment should also be fun, attractive, and energising. Not surprisingly, more and more assessments include games. The use of games makes it possible to measure a variety of individual characteristics in an innovative fashion. It is a valuable addition to more traditional questionnaires and tests. In addition to the feeling of being challenged experienced by the players, the use of games and simulations enables us to make measurements in a different way.

LTP has developed various games for different situations. These games can be used on an individual as well as group basis. During the Career Week we offer you the chance to experience a live assessment, including a game, a measurement of personality and an interview. A unique opportunity to learn more about yourself (strengths and points for development) and to gain some experience and training in assessments! At the end, you will receive a transparent report, including strong points and limitations, that provides a point of reference for the benefits to be expected from further development.

About the instructors:

After completing her Master’s degree in psychology, Winny Bakker became a PhD student at the University of Groningen. Her PhD research project focused on the influence of personality traits on the cultural adaptation and wellbeing of migrants. During this period she also worked as a freelance trainer and teacher of communication skills. After obtaining her PhD in 2005, Winny switched from academia to consultancy and joined LTP in 2006. As a research psychologist at LTP Amstelveen, she worked on various online assessment and innovation projects. In addition, she conducted applied research focusing on psychological tests and questionnaires and was project leader for several large-scale international assessment and leadership projects. In 2009, Winny relocated to our office in Groningen where she currently works as a consultant responsible for account management, assessments and individual coaching.

Mark Westerhuis (1961), has been with LTP since 2006. He studied psychology at the university of Groningen with his specialization in personality psychology. Focus areas are: (top) assessment, coaching and training, career advisory, competency , test development and sports psychology. Mark has over 15 years of experience as a consultant in various positions in the field of educational research and P&O.

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