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Podcast Econ 050 covers the economics and business news that matters to the Netherlands and the wider world.

Econ 050: How to avoid climate catastrophe

Date:25 March 2019

If climate change is global, why do so many countries, even those at direct risk of its consequences like the low-lying Netherlands, still seem to see it as a zero sum game? How can politicians, including those in the far right Forum for Democracy who won...

Aletta's Talent Network

The Junior Research Meet-up experiences of PhD researcher Bart Noort

Date:21 March 2019

A summary of the day by Bart Noort. Bart Noort presented during the first parallel session: 'Health care systems and decision making in health care. The title of Noort his presentation was: Collaborating within a bad marriage: the case of joint purchasing...

Diabetes in people aged 50+ reported being afraid of health limiting their ability to work by 16%. Imagesource:

Older Europeans with diabetes and fear of work

Date:20 March 2019
Author:Viola Angelini

Among people aged between 50 and 65, diabetes significantly impacts perception about their ability to work. Research indicates the condition increased fear that health limits their ability to work, especially during the financial crisis.

Econ 050 is a podcast on economics and business made by the Faculty of Economics and Business in collaboration with the Northern Times.

Econ 050: What are the water boards?

Date:20 March 2019

Water management may not seem like an especially sexy topic, but in a country where about one-third of the ground is below sea level, it can be a matter of life or death. Water management has been a part of Dutch history since long before the Netherlands...

Peter van der Meer

Happiness at work: stimulate autonomy and learning possibilities

Date:20 March 2019

Researchers pay much attention to what makes us happy nowadays. Dr. Peter van der Meer, Assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business focusses on the importance of happiness in a working environment. Interested in how work influences your...

Large positive effects of back-pack policy

New study shows great benefits of the back-pack policy designed for special needs students

Date:18 March 2019

From 2003 till 2013, children with a severe disability who qualified for a school for special education could also qualify for learner-specific funding, also known as a ‘back pack’, to be used for extra support in a regular school. A new study by Roel...

Could there be a silver lining to multinationals' decision to leave the UK due to Brexit?

Multinationals leaving the UK. Could their ex-employees provide a silver lining to this cloud?

Date:11 March 2019
Author:Pedro de Faria and Bart Los

Several multinational companies (MNCs) have announced plans to reduce their activities in the United Kingdom. The uncertainties associated with Brexit are a common reason. These strategic decisions often imply the closure of subsidiaries and have immediate...

Professor Erik Dietzenbacher works on input output analysis, economic growth, technology and innovations, industrial organisation, and matrix algebra at the University of Groningen.

Our insatiable appetite for consumption is driving up global CO2 emissions

Date:11 March 2019

Changes in the structure of international trade have had little effect on the growth in global CO2 emissions. That is the conclusion of Professor Erik Dietzenbacher, based on data from the World Input-Output Database (WIOD) for the period 1995-2008.

Econ 050 is a podcast on the economics and finance research that matters to Groningen and the wider world, presented by Traci White.

Econ 050: Leadership and crisis

Date:04 March 2019

More egalitarian approaches to leadership that share responsibility and power are better for weathering an economic downturn, but when the financial crisis hit in 2008, the instinct of thousands of business owners around the globe was to cling to their...

Janka Stoker, professor of leadership and organisational change, and In the LEAD director, with Harry Garretsen, professor of international economics and business

The leadership puzzle

Date:01 March 2019

Leadership is a much debated topic both in research and practice, even more so now with more calls for strong leaders on the rise. Janka Stoker and Harry Garretsen’s new book on the issue Goede leiders zweven niet (Taking hot air out of leadership) has...