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We would very much like to keep in touch with you after your graduation from the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Groningen. Alumni are, after all, our best ambassadors; we therefore think it’s important to stay connected.

Alumni involvement

The aim of our alumni policy is to create a lifelong bond between the Faculty, alumni, and students. We consider these contacts very valuable because they provide a link between education and the business world. In addition, the Faculty wants to help alumni with their internships and final-year projects, as well as be a serious partner in investigating contracts.

Involvement of alumni within the faculty is essential because of their useful feedback on the core business of the faculty's teaching and the link with business and society. Alumni can tell you from personal experience about the connection between their education and practice, for example by contributing to career events for students or bringing in interesting business cases within the curriculum. Moreover, you can act as a mentor in the online FEB Career Mentor Program where you will coach students in their career or answers questions about the daily practice, work field and/or the organization you work for.

Furthermore, the faculty alumni would be happy to assist in fulfilling internships and thesis projects via the Careers Company. The faculty also wants to be a serious partner when doing contract research through the new Centres of Expertise.

FEB Alumni Network

The aim of FEB Alumni Network is to promote contact between alumni, and between alumni and the Faculty. All FEB alumni receive a digital AEB newsletter. It is also possible to become a Foundation donor. As a donor, you have free access to alumni activities and significant discounts at conferences regarding your discipline or work field.

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