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Parttime PhD programme

The part-time PhD programme aims at professionals who look for a new challenge and want to pursue a PhD degree in combination with their job. This programme is especially designed for candidates who have a clear interest in academic research. The goal of the programme is to enable participants to successfully write and defend a PhD thesis within a period of five years and to offer support and guidance throughout the entire process.


The SOM part-time PhD programme consists of two phases. Phase 1 of the programme (max two years) is course-based. The goal of the course based phase is to prepare candidates for writing a PhD thesis meeting international standards. If candidates have sufficient time available the programme can also be finished in one year. During the course based phase the candidate already writes a research proposal and a first chapter of the thesis. The course based phase (30 EC) consists of general courses for all candidates in the programme and of dedicated courses for an optimal fit with the proposed research. The language of instruction is English.

Successful completion of the programme is rewarded with a certificate “Academic Research Training Economics & Business”.

In phase 2 the PhD candidate will continue with the actual writing of the PhD thesis. Usually this will be in the form of papers. The estimated period for the second phase is three years.

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