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Faculty of Economics and Business
FEB for BusinessJoint Research

Joint Research

Our knowledge, your practice

If your organisation, company or institution has a problem or question in the field of Economics and Business and you are looking for an expert with a proven academic approach, FEB Joint Research may be able to help.

We believe that knowledge development is a joint activity and therefore work closely with businesses, local government and other organisations. You thus benefit from the latest academic insights and independent research, and we learn from your practical input.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about working together.

Our areas of expertise

  • Banking, Insurance, Finance (CIBIF)
  • Customer Insights (CIC)
  • Energy Economics Research (CEER)
  • Economic Growth and Development (GGDC)
  • Governance and Organisational Responsibility (IGOR)
  • Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour (HRM&OB)
  • Leadership (In the Lead)
  • Operational Excellence (COPE)
  • Value in Collaborative Innovation (VinCI)
  • Digital Business & Data Analytics (GDBC)
  • Local Government Economics (COELO)
  • Health Care Management & Economics (Healthwise).
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