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EMAC 2017Onderdeel van Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

EMAC 2017

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Gasunie building
Gasunie building

Opening Reception at the Gasunie Building

The opening reception will be hosted by the Gasunie (Tuesday May 23, 6:00 p.m.). The Gasunie building is located near the conference center. It is widely known for its architecture. Drinks and food, specifically selected by the organization committee, will be served during the reception. The conference attendees will be welcomed by the Rector Magnificus of the University of Groningen Prof.dr. Elmer Sterken, the Kings’ Commissioner of the Province of Groningen, Drs. René Paas and Director International Business N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie en Managing Director Gasunie Engineering B.V., Wim Groenendijk. Tammo Bijmolt will be your conference host during this evening.

For more information about the Gasunie building and its architecture please visit

Martini church
Martini church

Keynote event at the Martini church

Our keynote event (Thursday May 25; 4:30 p.m.), including the award ceremony, will take place in the famous Martini Church with its characteristic tower. The citizens of Groningen call their tower d'Olle Grieze, meaning the old grey one in the local dialect. Ajay Kohli, professor of marketing, Gary T. and Elizabeth R. Jones, Chair at the Georgia Institute of Technology, will provide the keynote during this event. Different EMAC awards (i.e., best paper award International Journal Research in Marketing; EMAC Distinguished Scholar Award) will be presented to the winners. The Roden Girl Choristers will contribute vocally to this event. This choir has a strong reputation both nationally and internationally, with performances in Switzerland, Germany, and the United Kingdom. They have performed jointly with the “Nederlands Kamerkoor” (Leading Dutch Ensemble) and the famous conductor Reinbert de Leeuw in the performance of the Mathews Passion. Peter Verhoef and Koert van Ittersum will be your conference host during this event. The keynote event will be followed with a reception with drinks and snacks in the Martini church.

For more information about the church and choir:


Festive closing diner and party at the MartiniPlaza

The EMAC conference will end with a festive dinner and party at the conference venue (Friday May 26; 7:00 p.m.): MartiniPlaza. This festive dinner starts with a reception with drinks and light snacks. Next we have a seated conference dinner, where food and drinks will be served. We end the conference with a party where the local pop and cover band Groove Department will perform. This party should end a hopefully fantastic conference, where we have gained new scientific knowledge as well as collegial contacts and created nice memorable events. At the beginning of the dinner we will also hand over the EMAC flag to the 2018 organizers in Glasgow: Prof. Spiros Gounaris of Strathclyde University. Your conference host at this event will be Jaap Wieringa.

For more information about the band:

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