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OnderwijsUniversity of Groningen Summer SchoolsUncertainty, Disagreement, and Conflict

Uncertainty, Disagreement, and Conflict

A Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Winter School
group of students

What makes economic and political institutions just, legitimate, or otherwise desirable? What ethical criteria should we use to evaluate the results of public policy? Conversely, given a set of ethical objectives, how do we design institutions and policies to best achieve those objectives in a complex, unpredictable, and interconnected world? To answer questions like these, the fast-growing field of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics – ‘PPE’ for short – combines methods, ideas, and arguments from three mutually complementary disciplines.

This year, the University of Groningen is offering a winter school in PPE on the theme of “Uncertainty, Disagreement, and Conflict.” Many of the most difficult and urgent problems in politics arise from the need to make reasonable decisions when we either don’t know or don’t agree about what we should be trying to achieve or the best means of achieving it. To make sound decisions we have to ask questions like: How do we account for uncertainty, about either the consequences of our actions or basic principles of right and wrong? How do we convince people to cooperate in spite of deep disagreements? How do we identify fair compromises between conflicting values, and how far should we be willing to compromise our values in order to preserve a shared moral and political community?

The PPE winter school gives you a chance to learn from scholars in multiple Faculties at the University of Groningen whose expertise bears in various ways on the questions of PPE and on the problems of uncertainty, disagreement, and conflict.

Dates 29 - 30 January 2018
Location Groningen, the Netherlands
Coordinator Dr. Christian Tarsney, Faculty of Philosophy
Course level BA/MA/ReMA
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