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OnderwijsUniversity of Groningen Summer SchoolsImagining Southern Europe


Vera Alexander (staff)
vera alexander

"I have found the Winter School an extremely invigorating and inspiring academic event. The combination of formal and informal cultural and intellectual exchanges has given me numerous impulses for both my research and teaching practices. Given that much of our ordinary teaching time is spent on students who struggle with one aspect or the other of their university lives, I especially appreciated the opportunity to get to know talented students who are driven by questions and curiosity. It has been very rewarding to interact with them and with so many outstanding colleagues from Spain, Latin America, Britain and the Netherlands. I believe this kind of intensive study event is instrumental in sparking research projects and exploring shared trajectories as well as enhancing academic excellence, and I am very grateful to Professor Valdivia for inviting me to contribute one of the keynotes."

Laura Lozano Marín (MA student)
Laura Lozano

"The Winter School experience have enriched me personally and professionally, thanks to the people I met and the high level of competencies of the Professors. As a student I have gained much theoretical knowledge about European integration and historical processes of interrelation and interdependence in Southern Europe and its culture. Lectures and discussions allowed a very interactive learning with people dedicated to Southern European Studies, whether eminent professors, experts, master and doctoral students. I also got useful hints for my dissertation and all this made me to expand and thus better understand the Southern Europe’s culture and its literature.

Pablo Valdivia and all members associated with the program were very organized and I also want to underline the effectiveness of all organization that included spaces, materials and break time. Cultural visits and organized get-together moments provided and enriched the informal sharing among all. Together, these factors led to the creation of an inspiring, challenging and rewarding environment, where learning is exceptional. Thank you very much for giving me this unforgettable experience!"

Yudith Damayanti (MA student)

"The Winter School has been an excellent learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. The topic came in timely amidst heated debates related to European identity in contemporary Europe by also reflecting on the past. This subject has become more urgent with the rise of right-wing populism especially in Northern Europe. In this context, the Winter School on “Imagining Southern Europe” approached the issue from another angle.

Southern Europe was discussed comprehensively in the sessions of the Winter School through a variety of representations in the fields of literature, languages, cultures, and politics. This fit my current study at the MA Program in Euroculture in which European integration, politics, and society are approached through an interdisciplinary manner. The Winter School has enriched my knowledge on European narratives which fill the European public space and contribute to the cultural construction of Europe.

Learning process was taken further outside the classroom through cultural field trips and discussions with speakers and other participants. All of the activities took place in a very friendly and egalitarian atmosphere which enabled participants to interact and build a network for future reference. I should not also fail to mention that all these benefits from participating in the program could be enjoyed at an accessible tuition fee."

Miriam van der Linden (MA student)
Miriam van der Linden

“Imagining Southern Europe” – the catchy title of the Winter School that took place in February 2017, caught my interest from the very start. What do you think did I, as a Master’s student from Northern Europe, have in mind when I read this title? Sunny beaches, crises, good food, corruption and friendly people? It might have been a mix of all. It is hard to avoid these stereotypes that have constantly been reproduced for centuries already. But what the Winter School did was challenging this northern-eurocentric view with a diversity of talks from researchers of various disciplines covering cultural, socio-political, historical and linguistic topics related to Southern Europe. All these were enriching and made you reflect on current representations of Southern Europe and on how to imagine it in the present and the future. Besides inspiring discussions, there was plenty of time to get to know the city and keep on exchanging ideas in some of fantastic tapas-bars. What I appreciated the most was the fact that it did not matter whether you were a MA student, a PhD student or a professor – what was prevailing during these days was an atmosphere of mutual interest, appreciation and academic exchange.

I am very happy that I got the chance to take part in the first Winter School organized by the University of Groningen and I am already looking forward to finding out what the second edition will be about. Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Pablo Valdivia for bringing all of us together in one of the most beautiful cities of Southern Europe."

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