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Cognitive Modeling

Dates & location 4 - 10 February 2019, IIT Mandi, India
Fees Undergraduate students: ₹3500
Graduate students: ₹4000
Postdoctoral fellows: ₹5000
Researchers/scientists: ₹6000
Faculty: ₹6000
Academic coordinator Dr. Marieke van Vugt (Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Groningen)

Cognitive Models are essentially theories of how people make decisions, implemented through computer simulations. Cognitive modeling studies human cognition by creating models of cognitive behavior. It also allows an individual to understand the effects of existing designs on human cognition and how improvements to existing designs could in turn enhance human cognition. This knowledge could be applied on
developing interventions in varied applied domains.

Objectives of the winter school
  • To provide a forum to train student, researchers and professionals on the best practices in the area of cognitive modeling.
  • Expose researchers to the state of the art models in basic and applied domains
  • Involve top international researchers in the area of cognitive modeling to present their work as part of the winter school

This winter school is a collaboration of the Cognitive Modeling Group, University of Groningen, the Netherlands and Applied Cognitive Science Lab, Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, India and is hosted by the Indian Institute of Technology Mandi in India.

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