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OnderwijsUniversity of Groningen Summer SchoolsIntercultural Competence


Read about the experience of a Dutch law graduate, Priyanka Mewasingh, who participated in the summer school on Intercultural Competence 2016


We live in a multicultural environment and so knowledge of other cultures becomes critical. To cope with differences in a constructive manner, it is important to raise self-awareness and an understanding of your own values and beliefs so that misunderstandings can be avoided.

The summer school lasted for a week and during the first two days the participants focused on theory (e.g. Bennett) and after that engaged in practice. As such, by completing various exercises, I realized how biased people are in their judgments. That really was an eye-opener for me. For example, we did an exercise during which we had to describe a person, having only a few items of his, such as a keychain, hotel card, a pen, and a customer card from a coffee bar. It is very difficult to link these items to a certain type of person and it resembled very well how stereotypically people think.

Next to theory and practice, we had lively discussions, which contributed to a better understanding of our cultural differences. Entering the summer school, I hoped to extend my knowledge and improve my understanding of cultural differences. That is exactly what the course brought me. It was a mind broadening experience. Now it’s time to apply all that I learned in my professional career and in my everyday life’.

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