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Testimonials of the first edition of the summer school (2016)
Xiangyu, China

I highly recommend this summer school to anyone who is interested in migration matters. It was very useful that we had a lot of  brain storm activities; we exchanged our thoughts and minds and this helped to improve our understanding of the topic. At this summer school, there were a lot of guest speakers who were invited to give us important presentations. We could ask them any questions we wanted directly.
For me as a Chinese student it was really scary to travel to Europe as I had never been there before. However, when I arrived at the University of Groningen I felt at home. People there are very friendly and they shared their different opinions and minds with each other. Finally, I hope all of you who are interested can attend this summer school, I am convinced that you will have a unforgettable experience!

Fay, Greece

Participating in the Migration Matters Summer School was a challenging and exciting experience. Apart from exploring the various phases of forced migration, we had the opportunity to meet recent refugees who shared with us their stories and to interact with experts from the field. Coming from a legal background, this summer school offered me a new insight on migration and widened my perspective in many ways. What I enjoyed most, was the fact that I had the chance to work together with a group of people from different countries and create our very own project. Giving a presentation in the City Hall in front of political and NGO representatives is definitely a moment I will not forget! Finally, the excellent organization and structure of the whole programme from the beginning to the end was highly appreciated.

María, Spain

After having the chance of taking part in the summer school 'Migration Matters', my horizons have definitely been widened. Most important areas related to the topic were contemplated such as integration, livelihood or empowerment. For me personally, the most enriching part was having the opportunity of listening the views and experiences either of refugees and migrants or politicians and professionals of the field.
Furthermore, the psychological perspective of the summer school was something quite new and very useful for my own understanding and research view. 'Migration Matters' really summarized during that week the matters of migration!

Press release of the first edition of the summer school (2016)

It has been on top of the news for over a year now, the so called migration crisis. The migration movement into the European Union has resulted in both pressure on society as well as stimulated voluntary hospitality initiatives. Often times spontaneous intervention approaches have been developed by policy-makers and the European Union has been challenged as an institute. Understanding and intervening in the complexity of migration was the central theme of the summer school "Migration Matters. Understanding and intervening the societal phenomenon of migration". The summer school was coordinated by Sustainable Society and the Social Psychology Department (Nina Hansen) in cooperation with the Faculties of Behavioural and Social Sciences, Theology & Religious Studies, and Spatial Sciences.        

To download the full press release please click here

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