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Housing living area with students
International Student Housing in Groningen

The University of Groningen does not have a university campus. Instead, our faculties and International Student Houses are located throughout the city of Groningen. Your room in the International Student House is within walking distance of the city centre and summer school venue. All rooms are fully furnished and have wi-fi.

All participants from your summer school will be lodged in the same building and hallway(s). The shared living room offers you a place to have dinner or to play a (board) game with your fellow summer school students.


Frascati International Students House is a wonderful place to stay: right next to the Central Station, just a stone’s throw away from the bustling city-centre and it boasts spectacular views of the Groninger Museum. You will have a private room, but the living room/kitchen, bathroom and toilets are shared (NB showers and toilets are gender neutral) with approx. 8 other students.


Upsilon is a newly built residence located between the city centre and the university campus. You will have a private room with private bathroom. The kitchen/living room will be shared with approx. 8 other students. There is a roof top terrace which is accessible for all tenants.


The kitchens are fully equipped with electric stoves, ovens, fridges, freezers, a microwave, water boiler, toaster, and of course pots and pans. Please note that food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) is not included unless otherwise specified by your summer school. You should count on spending approximately €15-20 per day on meals, snacks, coffee/tea and/or other refreshments.

Please note that the international student houses are not hotel-quality accommodation. If you prefer to stay in another accommodation, please make use of one of the many hotels in Groningen.

Many of our July and August summer schools offer housing to those participants who need accommodation. The service is optional, please indicate on your online application form if you want to have accommodation arranged for you. If you agree to have housing arranged for you, you will be offered a standard package with the following conditions:

  • Standard rental from Saturday 2PM to Saturday 10AM.
  • Standard rent price for one week: € 245 (7 nights). This includes cleaning, bed package, basic kitchen utensils and a practical welcoming package.
  • Arrival on Saturdays between 2PM and 10PM or on Sunday between 2PM and 4PM.
  • There are a few time-slots during which we can welcome you. Your summer school will inform you in due time.
  • Cancellation policy: Participants who cancel within 3 weeks before the start of the summer school are liable to pay the full amount.

Arrange your own housing

Of course you can still decide to arrange your own housing. There are various opportunities, ranging from low-budget youth hostels to bed and breakfasts and (high-end) hotels.

Please do keep in mind that Groningen is a popular student town, and that housing is scarce and expensive as a result of an ever growing student population. In addition, there is the risk of higher hotel rates because of the holiday season in summer time

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