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Education The Faculty Graduate Schools Regulations of the Conferral of a Doctorate

Appendix 14: Further information

Attending the PhD defence ceremony

Attending the PhD defence ceremony

  • The defence ceremony is open to the public.
  • The defence ceremony will be held in the Aula, which has room to seat 320 people. Thirty seats will be reserved for the PhD candidate’s family. If this will not be enough, please contact the Porters’ Office. If it is not possible to hold the defence ceremony in the Aula, then it will be held in the Senate Room where there are 100 seats.
  • Children under the age of 6 are not permitted to attend the defence ceremony.
  • The Academiegebouw has a lift and wheelchair access through the side entrance.
  • There is a supervised cloakroom.
  • Parking near the Academiegebouw: One parking space will be reserved for the PhD candidate. There are several car parks within walking distance.

Taping and photography facilities

  • It is possible to have the ceremony dvd-recorded. This can be requested from the Porter's Office.
  • During the actual defence part of the ceremony, no photographs may be taken.

Dress code

It would be appreciated if your clothing reflects the value attached by the University to the defence ceremony.


At the end of the defence ceremony the Beadle, one of the Porters, will lead you to the reception room or to the exit if the reception is being held elsewhere.
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