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The University of Groningen welcomes international PhD students with a competitive scholarship from their home country, like CSC, SWB, Spirit and Dikti, and wants to create the best possible conditions for them to perform well during their PhD research. To this end, the University in cooperation with other parties is offering special housing with PhD quality standards.


The following people are eligible for the PhD scholarship students accommodation options:

  1. new PhD students accepted by a Graduate School of the University of Groningen,
  2. who do not have the Dutch nationality, and
  3. who come to Groningen with a competitive scholarship granted by the government of their home country or by a funding organization.

Note: in the future the accommodation options for PhD scholarship students will be open to all PhD students, regardless of their scholarship or employment.

Special accommodation for PhD students

As a PhD scholarship student at our University you are free to choose your own accommodation in or around the city of Groningen. Please take notice that in the Netherlands the universities do not have the task nor the obligation to provide accommodation to their students and/or staff.

However, as it is not easy for you to find lodging in time from outside the Netherlands and because you will be looking for accommodation that is furnished, the University has made some arrangements. In this document we will inform you about the possibilities from September 2016 on with two local providers: 1) SSH and 2) The Student Hotel. Besides these providers, a lot of small, private providers are offering apartments. You will need to surf the internet to learn more. Please take notice that the University cannot give any guarantees about the quality, rents and procedures for apartments on the private market.

When rents are mentioned, be aware of the costs that are included and excluded in the amounts. The costs below will be all inclusive, this is the basic rent, additional services by the owner (including the costs for furniture, utilities and internet) and external services such as water, energy and taxes. Costs for meals are not included. If you compare rents (particularly with offers on the private housing market) be sure that you include all relevant costs.


SSH is a housing corporation that provides accommodation to new international students (exchange, bachelor, master) at our University as well as student accommodation at other universities in the Netherlands. SSH offers also special accommodation to PhD students at five locations in the city of Groningen. The number of vacancies is small as many rooms at these locations are already occupied by PhD students from previous years. All locations are within 5 to 15 minutes cycling distance of the city centre, the UMCG (University Hospital) and the Zernike Campus. All apartments are well-equipped and fully furnished to Dutch quality standards. The rent covers standard carpeting, curtains, furniture, kitchen appliances, water, energy, taxes and services (including a TV connection and wireless internet). The tenant will only need private belongings (and a bike). The prices vary per type of accommodation and room size.

The SSH-locations are:

  • Single bed-sitting rooms (bedsits) with a separate bathroom and toilet in a small, recently renovated flat at the Hofstede de Grootkade 11. The size of the room is approximately 28 m2. 23 rooms for PhD students are available at this location, located on the first and fourth floors. These two floors are part of a five-storey building for young people. All-in rent: approximately € 794 - 799 per person per month.
  • Shared apartments in a new housing project called 'Stadswerf' (Kraanvogelstraat). SSH has 12 double and triple apartments to let that can accommodate 29 PhD students in total. In the same building, apartments are let to people with a performance disability. Each person has a bedroom of his/her own. The people in one apartment share a large living room with an open kitchen, bathroom, toilet and hall. The sizes of these two or three-person apartments vary from 80 to 100 m2. Four apartments have a twin-bedded room for PhD students accompanied by their partner. All-in rent: between € 658 and € 809 (largely depending on the size of the bedroom) per person per month.
  • Single self-contained apartments in a recently renovated flat at the Planetenlaan 2-216, next to the Zonnelaan. This flat is within walking distance of the Zernike Campus. Each apartment has a living room with a kitchenette, a small bedroom and a bathroom. In all, the apartment is just over 40 m2. SSH has 49 apartments to let. All-in rent: between € 725 and € 772 (depending on the size of the apartment) per person per month.
  • Single self-contained apartments (from May 2015 on) in a newly established complex near Hoendiep 1. Each apartment has a single bed-sitting room (bedsit) with a separate bathroom and toilet. In all, the apartment is 33 m2. The apartments on the ground floor have a small terrace, the apartments on the first floor have a balcony. SSH has 36 apartments to let. All-in rent: € 786 per month.
  • Double apartments at the Hofstede de Grootkade 11-13, suitable for a PhD student with partner. The Hofstede de Grootkade 13 location has double apartments available in a recently renovated project. Each apartment has a small kitchenette, a bedroom or bed corner and a bathroom/toilet. The building contains around 40 apartments for young people. SSH has 10 apartments for PhD students with a partner. At Hofstede de Grootkade 11, three additional two-person apartments are available. All-in rent: between € 969 and € 1087 for two partners per month (depending on the size of the apartment) (per person this is € 485 to € 544).

SSH and the University will regularly add new locations if this is necessary to meet demand. At present plans are made to realize a new complex with over 70 apartments for PhD students in 2017.

Special situations

  • - Partner. If a PhD student wishes to live here with his/her partner, this should be indicated on the registration form. SSH will try to accommodate the PhD student in a double apartment at the Hofstede de Grootkade.
  • - Children. SSH does not have accommodation suitable for families with children. A PhD student with children will have to find accommodation on the private market.
  • - Roommates. At the Stadswerf, the SSH will decide with whom the PhD student will share an apartment. The roommate will always be a PhD student of the same gender.

Temporary location

If no special accommodation for PhD students is available with SSH anymore, SSH offers alternative accommodation at a location that is shared with other international students.

- Rooms with shared facilities at the Frascati complex, Stationsplein 9. For postdocs, staff and other PhD's SSH has reserved rooms in the Frascati complex. This is a complex near the city centre at a 1-minute walking distance from the main railroad station. The all-in rents are between € 410 and € 562 per month, depending on the size of the room (between 15 and 33 m2). Your room will be part of a unit of 8 to 12 students with shared facilities (kitchen, bathroom, toilets). The maximum period of stay at this location will be 12 months.


The rental costs are subject to minor adjustments due to inflation; each year on 1 July, the rent may go up by a few percent (the raise for July 1st 2016 has already been included in the amounts mentioned above).

Usually, SSH accommodation can only be booked some months in advance of expected arrival in the Netherlands.

The Student Hotel

The Student Hotel (TSH) is an international organization that exploits hotels for all kinds of students in various European university cities.

In Groningen The Student Hotel (TSH) opens a new location summer 2016 at Boterdiep 9. This location is at walking distance from the inner city and the UMCG (University Hospital) and at cycling distance from Zernike Campus. The University of Groningen has made a reservation for rooms for new PhD students at this location. In all, 40 rooms have been reserved for a period of 5 months.

TSH services include a bike for all guests and a lot of common facilities. On the ground floor of TSH a restaurant will be operated (prices of meals are not included in the rent).

Two types of rooms are available.

  1. 8 panorama rooms with an all-in rent of € 785 per month,
  2. 32 standard rooms with an all-in rent of € 745 per month.

Note: the main difference between these types of rooms is the view from your window on the city which is more panoramic for the first type.

All rooms are part of a larger unit (approximately 8-12 rooms per unit). Each room has its own toilet and bathroom facility. All rooms from one unit share kitchen facilities and a common space.

For more information, see the website of TSH.

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