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PhD Day: Imagine, Invent and Inspire!

PhD Day 2018! 5 things PhD students have in common.

Date:11 October 2018
Author:Astrid Kruitwagen
On 21 September, the largest events for PhD students in The Netherlands took place: the PhD Day Groningen! More than 700 PhD students registered to attend. What brings all these different PhD students together?
One of our favorite places to read - Image Camping Stadspark (

Best places in Groningen to read articles during your PhD

Date:20 September 2018
Author:Anne-Grete Märtson
A short list of places to read in Groningen while doing your PhD. Groningen is known for its nice food places and many cafes, I suggest you explore them yourself...
Research communication - and why it matters!

Research Communication - Why it matters!

Date:20 September 2018
Author:Désireé Goubert
Research Communication: The ability to explain one's research in a clear and understandable way, so that the public is well-informed...
Are scientists artists as well?

Hypothesis: Are scientists artists as well?

Date:20 September 2018
Author:Astrid Kruitwagen
How do you find something if you don’t know how it looks, feels, behaves, or where it is in time and space? Or, whether it even exists at all…
Just another day of research

My PhD in 12 GIFs

Date:20 September 2018
Author:Riccardo Iacovelli
Carrying out a PhD can be a very complex and long process. These 12 GIFs explain my PhD. How many can you relate with?