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The University of Groningen (RUG) has a long tradition in working with ionising (or radioactive) radiation. Radioactive substances, X-ray equipment and accelerators have been used in many ways at the University. This has resulted in a wide expertise in ionising radiation. Everyone who wants to know more about ionising radiation and how to use it safely can follow one of the courses in radiation protection offered by the RUG.


Following such a course is usually compulsory for staff members who come into contact with radiation in their job. In addition, radiation protection courses may form part of an optional or compulsory module for some degree programmes.

Courses in radiation protection are organized by the Groningen Academy for Radiation Protection (GARP). In GARP radiation protection courses fall together with the Radiation Protection Unit (SBE) under the department of Health, Safety and Sustainability. Since January 1, 2000 the RUG cooperates with the Hanze University Groningen in the field of radiation protection courses.

Courses at the following expert levels can be followed:

Coordinating radiation protection expert
formerly level 3

Managing/using a radionuclide laboratory, sealed sources, X-ray equipment and small accelerators.
Coordinating radiation protection expert - refresher course
Update of the knowledge required for radiation protection expert.
Coordinating radiation protection expert - pre-course mathematics
For those who have insufficient knowledge of the mathematics required for radiation protection expert.
Level 4A - last time in 2017
only exam

Managing and using sealed sources and X-ray equipment.
Level 4B - last time in 2017
only exam

Working with dispersible radioactive substances under supervision but with a high degree of independence; managing and using sealed sources.
Level 5A - last time in 2017
Working with sealed sources and X-ray equipment under supervision; managing several low-risk sealed sources or intrinsically safe X-ray equipment.
Level 5B - last time in 2017
Working with dispersible radioactive substances and sealed sources under supervision; managing several low-risk sealed sources.
Radiation protection for dentists and orthodontists
formerly level 5A/M

For dentists and orthodontists (in training).
Level 5 - refresher course
Update of the knowledge required for level 5A (x-rays) or 5B (encapsulated and open sources).
Basic level for applications of x-ray machines, and encapsulated and open sources
For those who neither by law nor by their employers are forced to follow a course level 5.
Training seminars
Annual courses with three or four talks on hot topics in health physics. Courses are organized for radiation protection experts as well as for supervising experts

Official recognition of certificates

The Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment has recognized the University of Groningen as an institute providing radiation protection courses (Staatscourant 208, 6 January 2016). The authorities have been notified about the course programs for the levels 3 (coordinating experts), 4A, 4B, 5A, 5B and 5A/M (dentists and orthodontists). Successfully completing the examination associated with one of these courses entitles the participant to a recognized certificate.

Changes in the training program

Becoming effective on February 6th, 2018, all recognized level 4 and 5 courses in The Netherlands were replaced by courses for radiation protection officers/supervisors. These courses will be application specific. On this website the RUG will announce in the course of 2017 which training programs will be offered from February 2018 onwards.

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