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Getting started with online education

Online education differs from face to face education and is new for most of us. It requires rethinking of the design of your course. Therefore we offer you support in the following ways:

1. Strategies for online teaching

When designing an online course, it is important to stay focused on your teaching and the learning goals of your course. One of the risks of online learning is that tools and technology come to overshadow good teaching. Read more about our strategies for online teaching.

2. Structuring your online course

Having a clear course structure is essential. A variety of activities and self-assessment is necessary to keep students motivated and to help them learn at a distance. We offer a course template in Nestor to help you redesign your course to make the transition to online education as smooth as possible.

Structuring your course online
Structuring your course online
Blackboard Collaborate

3. Tools for Teaching Online

Please have a look at our overview of the tools which you can use to create your ‘steps’ in the online course.

If you want to teach online via video conferencing, we are offering you Blackboard Collaborate as part of Nestor. You can also use that tool for recording your lesson and share it with your students or you can publish older recordings of your lectures (if available).

4. Online exams

In case you have to adapt your scheduled exams to an online format, we recommend you use a separate course template in Nestor that we created for that purpose. Please visit our page about online exams for more information about exams and how to get support.

5. Webinars

We organize daily webinars about different topics. You can also watch a previous recording, if you are not able to attend.

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