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Statutory tuition fee

Student Academic year 2019-2020 Academic year 2020-2021
Full-time € 2,083 € 2,143
Part-time or dual € 1,534 € 1,578
Bachelor Liberal Arts and Sciences € 4,130 € 4,249
Bachelor Global Responsibility and Leadership € 4,130 € 4,249

Conditions statutory tuition fees

You will qualify for statutory tuition fees if you satisfy the following two conditions. Changes in your personal situation may have consequences for tuition fees you must pay.

Information about halving statutory tuition fees for first-year students

Go to the page Halving statutory tuition fees for first-year students.

1. Nationality

  • Dutch passport holders;
  • EU/EEA nationals;
  • Swiss nationals;
  • Non-EEA nationals who are family members of an EU citizen resident in the Netherlands (not a Dutch nationality);
  • Non-EEA nationals with a Dutch residence permit of type II, III or IV, and in certain circumstances type I;
  • Surinam nationals.

2. The same degree may not have been gained before at a government-funded institution in the Netherlands:

Students who enrol for a Bachelor's degree programme may not previously have gained a Bachelor's degree and students who enrol for a Master's degree programme may not previously have gained a Master's degree from a university or university of applied science in the Netherlands. The data to be used will be that included in the Central Register of Higher Education Enrolment (CRIHO) since 1 September 1991.

In certain circumstances you may qualify for statutory tuition fees for a second Bachelor’s degree programme or second Master’s degree programme, on condition that you satisfy the nationality requirements.

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