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Fee pre-master programmes

For a pre-master programme you pay a compensation for a variant.


Fees academic year 2021-2022

Pre-master programmes Compensation
15 EC € 271
30 EC € 542
45 EC € 813
60 EC € 1,084


Some faculties have pre-master programmes with a different workload. The compensation for these variants is being determined on the basis of the above programmes and proportionally added with € 18 per EC (rounded).

Two examples
  • Compensation programme 20 EC = compensation programme 15 EC + 5 x € 18
  • Compensation programme 40 EC = compensation programme 30 EC + 10 x € 18
Disclaimer academic year 2021-2022

Please note, the compensation for the pre-master programmes for the academic year 2021-2022 are reduced as a one-time measure to relieve the Covid-19 educational consequences for students. Therefore, the compensation for the academic year 2021-2022 might be lower than the original fees for this academic year.


You pay your compensation in one go, or by staggered payment. If you pay in staggered payments, the payments will continue untill the full amount has been paid.

Payment academic year 2021-2022

It is only possible to choose the amount of € 1,084 in Studielink. The fee will be revised to the actual number of ECTS as soon as the Faculty issued the Statement Admission Pre-Master programme (VTP).

No reimbursement

You are not entitled to reimbursement if you deregister during the academic year, unless you have filed a request for deregistration via Studielink in the first three months of your enrollment.

Reimbursement amount academic year 2021-2022

The amount is depending on the number of months you were enrolled at the University of Groningen.

Number of months you wre enrolled Amount
1 month amount you have paid minus 1/12 of € 1,084
2 months amount you have paid minus 2/12 of € 1,084
3 months amount you have paid minus 3/12 of € 1,084
longer than 3 months you are not entitled to reimbursement

Do you consider to deregister after the first three months of your enrollment due to dealing with extraordinary circumstances? Please contact the student counsellors of the Student Servcie Centre to discuss whether it is possible to qualify for an exception to the reimbursment regulation.

Contact details

More information

University of Groningen Regulations for Registration and Tuition fees

The 'University of Groningen Regulations for Registration and Tuition Fees' set out the (legal) conditions for registration and tuition fees at the University of Groningen. The regulations are based on the Higher Eduction and Research Act ('Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek; WHW) and replace the 'University of Groningen Implementation Regulations'.

Questions? Please contact Student Information & Administration

Need more information? Please contact the Student Information & Administration

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