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#TheCityIsOurCampus: 23-25 March

Date:22 March 2018
Sunny days are coming the Groningen :)
Sunny days are coming the Groningen :)

Party Picks


Exam Week

It’s not all fun and games this week: for most of us exams are starting next week. The University Library is, as always, a great place to cram some facts. For those that want something different, check Natasha’s blog about the best coffee and study spots. Final tip: get the Forest App for your phone: it plants a (virtual) tree for you that will continue growing for as long as you don’t use your phone. No better way to stay focused than the threat of killing your forest if you don’t.

Pole Dancing Workshop

Ever wanted to learn Pole Dancing? Of course you have! If you’re up for the challenge, come to the Pole Dancing Workshop hosted by Caerus and UCGO. There will be a professional pole dancer to help you get started and the workshop is open for pole dancer from all levels - even if you never done it before.

Lasagna and Opera

We’d all wish we were laying on Mediterranean beach, but with exams coming up it’s not a possibility for most of us. Fortunately, International Cafe Groningen offers the next best thing: Lasagna and Opera night. The menu also includes vegetarian dishes and the famous Italian dessert Tiramisu.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is hosting the final Grown Men show of the season:Grown Men: TAXI! There's smooth jazz radio stations, dodgy radio hosts, angry taxi controllers and flashing headlights in this one-of-a-kind improv show hosted at USVA.


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