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#TheCityIsOurCampus: 19 to 21 January

Date:18 January 2018
Photo: Eurosonic
Photo: Eurosonic

Party Picks

Eurosonic events

This weekend belongs to Eurosonic Noorderslag, one of the biggest festivals of the year. We highlighted some Eurosonic-related events that are well worth visiting:

Usva movie night

The next USVA movie night is coming up. The theme of this edition is “Travellers”. The film on show will be surprise until the night starts. The movie will have a short introduction and themed snacks and drinks will be available.

Pop-photo exposition

Experience live music and striking pop-photos at the Galleria exhibition this weekend. Every day from 16:30 till 17:30 a semi-acoustic band performs and adds to the atmosphere. Fans of the exhibition can immortalize the photos by getting one of the books on sale at the exhibition.

Pub quiz at Cafe de Toeter

Finished your exams already or want to relax for a bit? Cafe de Toeter organizes a general knowledge pub quiz every Sunday, with cheap specialty drinks served during and after the event. Warning: bring your A-game, because these questions are not easy!


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