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#TheCityIsOurCampus: 5 to 7 January

Date:05 January 2018
There's always time for Sushi!
There's always time for Sushi!

Party Picks

Go out for lunch/dinner

There’s only a few days to go before university begins again, so why not treat yourself? You can get the Brakke Brunch at Het Concerthuis on Sunday; try to eat all the sushi in the world at Imono; or just be lazy and order Domino’s at home.

Darts tournament

The world championships have just finished, so if you still have darts-fever (if that’s even a thing) then you can test your skills at the ACLO darts tournament. If your hands cannot tell the difference between a dart board and a wall when you are trying to throw a dart, don’t worry, just imagine you are aiming for the guy who wrote the textbook for your most annoying course and you will see a real improvement!

Netflix to recover from the holidays

January 1st meant loads of new content on Netflix. I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your attention that Friends is finally available on the Dutch Netflix! You can also check out Will Smith’s movie Bright, or whatever, re-watch Modern Family for the third time. The series Black Mirror has also returned to Netflix for a fourth season.

Go to an event when university starts again

In the holidays, there is not too many special events for students. However, this will all change next week when everybody returns. One way to celebrate being back with your bff’s is to go to an event with them! You can go to the Stranger Things Have Happened Comedy Jam; watch a movie at Groninger Forum; or go on a trip with ESN to Efteling - one location we recommended you to go a few months back!


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