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Student life

Opening Keiweek
Opening Keiweek

Each student has different ambitions, interests and knowledge. To cater for these differences as effectively as possible, the University of Groningen has a range of ways to help you give your studies more content and colour. The University thinks it is important for students to develop their potential and to look beyond borders. This can be taken literally – for instance, you can study abroad – but you can also broaden your study programme itself. You can also be active outside lectures, achieving at a high level and getting the best out of yourself, for example in sports, culture or on committees. After all, being a student is more than just attending lectures.

This is why the University of Groningen has outstanding sports and cultural facilities. Moreover, active students are rewarded for their efforts in the form of scholarships.

Broaden your horizons

The University of Groningen aims to stimulate a broad education. One way it does this is by providing broad Bachelor’s degree programmes in the arts and sciences through the Majors and Minors system (a Minor is a coherent package of electives outside your own degree programme) and the Subsidiary. These options mean you can become acquainted with a different academic discipline and look beyond your own field. You can enjoy learning more about other subjects you’ve been interested in for years.

Then there is Studium Generale, which organizes lectures, debates and symposiums in which a wide range of subjects are examined from different points of view. Renowned academics frequently captivate their audiences with their views on surprising, topical or controversial issues.  

Finally, you can broaden your horizons by spending some time studying abroad. The University of Groningen has partner universities all over the world and participates in several scholarship programmes. Every year about 1200 students from the University of Groningen go abroad to study for some time. In this way, you can get used to an international environment, where you may well end up after you graduate.

Students in the Energy Academy
Students in the Energy Academy

Deepen your knowledge

A broad education is not the only thing the University of Groningen wants for you. The University also challenges you to get more out of yourself and your degree programme, for example through the University of Groningen Honours College. Within the Honours College, the best students can complete a more challenging programme which deepens their knowledge of their own field but also provides a broader education.

There are also ‘Top Master’ degree programmes, which place higher demands on students, and various two-year Research Master degree programmes which prepare students for a career in academic research.

To find out more, visit the GroningenLife! website, which provides further information about studying, student life and nightlife in Groningen.

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