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Cancelling a University account

  • When will my University account be cancelled?

    You have 8 weeks (56 days) to save your mail and files to a secure location after you received the email that you are officially deregister.

    After 8 weeks your account will be blocked, although your mails and files will be saved for a further 309 days.

    Definitive deletion
    After 309 days your account, including any email messages and files, will be definitively deleted. You will not receive notification of this.
  • How will I know when my University account is going to be cancelled?

    Once you have officially deregistered, you will be sent an email with the date on which your University account will be blocked.
  • What happens to my University account if I start a new degree programme within a year?

    Your University account will be reactivated. The date on which your account becomes active will depend on the starting date of your new degree programme:
    • 1 September: your account will become active on 1 March.
    • Other date: your account will be activated one month before the starting date of your degree programme.
    Practical information
    • You can log in with your student number and your usual password.
    • Your files and email messages will have been saved.

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