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My study ends, how do I save my data?

After ending your study, access to IT facilities also ends. Move or store your e-mail, data in other Google Apps (f.e. Drive) and your data on X:\ in time.  

Data on X:\  
Log on to and move or copy your data on X:\ to a local drive on your PC as follows:  
   * Download and install the  Citrix Workspace app 
   * Enter as server address  
The first time you log in to after you have installed the Citrix Workspace app, it will ask permission to access local data (C:\drive, D:\ etc.). After that, the app runs in the background.  
If the app does not ask for permission to local data:  
   * Click on Citrix Workspace app, and open the program  
   * Enter the server address:  
   * Click on Next  
   * Enter your P-number/S-number and password  
   * Click on Logon  
   * At Domain\user enter: workspace\<your P-number/S-number> and again your password  
   * Click on the plus sign on the right side of the screen  
   * Choose an application, it will appear on the Citrix desktop  
   * Double click on the application to start it Now you have access to your local data, your UWP storage and applications on

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