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Qualification Descriptors RPO open sources

Commissioned by the Dutch Authority for Nuclear Security and Radiation Protection (ANVS) the University of Groningen has coordinated a project for determining qualification descriptors and therefore learning outcomes for RPO Education & Training for dispersible radioactieve material - open sources - (RPO-DRM). The project was conducted as part of the implementation of the EU Directive 2013/59 and its immediate predecessor.

The project group concluded that a two- to three-fold division in the level of RPO-DRM is desirable, and for pragmatic reasons it is proposed to hold to the limits of the former Directive Radionuclide Laboratories, which in any case adheres to the gradual approach for regular applications:

  • RPO-DRM B for radionuclide laboratories at B-level (Amax = 2000 Reinh*)
  • RPO-DRM C for radionuclide laboratories at C-level under the direct responsibility of a RPE (Amax = 20 Reinh*)
  • RPO-DRM D for radionuclide laboratories at D-level under the direct responsibility of a RPE (Amax = 0,2 Reinh*)

(*: In the Netherlands the quantity Reinh is used for the amount of activity A that leads to an effective committed dose of 1 Sv upon inhalation)

The qualification descriptors have been translated into learning outcomes that have been approved by the ANVS and will be part of new regulations becoming effective in February 2018.

Both the Dutch and English versions of the Qualification Descriptors for RPO-DRM C and D can be found here.

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