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How can I register for multiple studies?

  • I am enrolled at the University of Groningen and will also enrol at another Dutch university. What should I do?

    Use the button 'Ask your question' to ask the Student Information and Administration for a proof of payment of tuition fees. Send this document to the student administration of the other university. This will prevent you from having to pay tuition fees twice. In principle, you only have to pay tuition fees once when you are enrolled at two recognized institutions for higher education. However, you are only entitled to use the student facilities, for example a study skills training or the services of a student psychologist, of your 'first' university (the one to which you pay tuition fees).

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  • I want to enrol in two degree programmes at the University of Groningen. Is this possible? And how do I arrange this?

    You are allowed to enrol in more than one degree programme at the University of Groningen. You will only have to pay tuition fees once. It is advisable, however, to consult the study advisors of both programmes to examine if your plans are feasible and, if so, how to study most effectively.
    You can register for the additional degree programme via Studielink.

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