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Maaike, Medicine

Maaike Pijpers
Maaike Pijpers

From the beginning on, finding the study I wanted to do was hard. Halfway through high school I had to choose a more specific direction, do I want to focus more on languages or on science for example. I chose to focus more on economy, but half a year later I made the decision to switch and chose to focus more on science (biology, chemistry, physics). Eventually it turned out to be the right decision, because the studies I like the most, were the once that are focused on science.

During the last two years of high school I had to start choosing what I wanted to study. So I went to a lot of open days from the universities in the Netherlands. Some studies were way more exciting for me than others. Eventually I had two studies I liked the most: human movement science and artificial intelligence. The only problem was, I wasn’t really convinced by either of the studies. But there was one thing I wanted to do: take a gap year. I wanted to travel, do volunteer work and learn English.

During my gap year I did volunteer work and met a medicine student. She was extremely enthusiastic about her study and the volunteer work in the hospital in Afrika. The way she described the study medicine to me, got me thinking: maybe I should take a look into medicine.

When I came back to the Netherlands I had to make my decision: what am I going to study next year? I wanted to start with looking into medicine, only problem was that I missed the open days for medicine. I had to learn about the study in a different way, I started calling everyone I know that studied medicine. After learning everything I could about it, I was convinced and decided that I wanted to study medicine. When calling the medicine students I also asked about the cities they studied in and that led to me signing up for medicine in Groningen.

Looking back at the process of how I chose medicine, the most helpful thing for me was having a chat with all the students I called. And I am so happy with my decision, because of all the amazing people I have met and all the interesting things I have learned during my study.

If you have any questions for me, please send me a message so I can hopefully help you with your choice.

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