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Eva, International Business

Eva van der Brug
Eva van der Brug

In the last years of high school, I still wasn’t sure which bachelor to choose. I didn’t have strong interests or passions that I could translate into a study. Many Open Days and conversations about bachelors resulted in a lot of information. However, it remained unclear which one suited me best.

Only when I started looking at this process differently, I realized very quick which study was good for me! Instead of focusing on which study to choose, I started thinking about where I want to end up later. I saw myself working in an organization, working with people, preferably international, not economic but HR/management.

The next step in the process was: which bachelor can bring me here? This question turned out to have multiple answers. I chose one of these options based on my personality and my strong and weak points. International Business seemed to be the best match.
I have never had doubts about this choice and I even found out that I actually really like the economic aspect of IB as well! This is definitely an advantage of choosing a broad bachelor, there is room to discover your real strengths.

My advice: look further than the three years of your bachelor, what would you like to do later? Are you interested broadly or are you more of a specialist? Which roads can lead you to your future goals?
Another advice is to contact someone who is currently doing the bachelor that you are considering. This creates a far more realistic picture and gives you the opportunity to ask specific questions.

If you would like to ask any questions about choosing a bachelor, International Business, studying in English or anything else, please don’t hesitate to email me!

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