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Study buddy for ASD or ADHD student

  • A study buddy is a senior student who offers help to a student from the same degree programme with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or an attention deficit disorder AD(H)D. Please contact your study advisor if you need, or wish to become, a study buddy.

    Need a study buddy?

    Do you have ASD or AD(H)D? Do you have difficulty planning and organizing your work or feeling at home in the university? If so, you may well benefit from a study buddy.

    Help from a study buddy

    • Sorting out your timetable.
    • Planning your work.
    • Studying together occasionally.
    • Going for a drink and having a chat.

    These are small things that may make your life a lot easier. It's always good to know that there's someone you can count on if you need help.

    Practical matters

    • You must register with your study advisor
    • Period: six months can be extended by another six months
    • Financial contribution: € 50

    Interested in becoming a study buddy?

    Do you want to get some coaching experience? Would you enjoy helping a fellow student from your degree programme with ASD or AD(H)D? If so, you'd probably make an excellent study buddy. The job involves helping a fellow student with some of the small things that make a big difference. These days, a lot of jobs ask for people with coaching experience. You would gain valuable experience as a study buddy. All buddies are given professional supervision from a coach and peer-to-peer coaching.

    The duties of a study buddy

    • Telling the student about the programme and passing on practical information.
    • Offering the student practical support in planning work and studying.
    • Providing help when things change, such as the timetable or the programme.
    • Drawing attention to any study delay or problems in the studies and/or the student's personal situation. The study buddy has a referral function, which means he or she can refer the student to the right person or institution.

    Job requirements

    • Good social and communication skills
    • Motivation to help a fellow student
    • Knowledge and understanding of the degree programme, the curriculum and participation in networks
    • Affinity with students with autism or attention deficits
    • Good planning and structuring skills
    • Willingness to undergo supervision and/or peer-to-peer coaching

    Practical matters

    The study advisor wil search a buddy. You will work out the contract together with a student counsellor of the Student Service Centre.

    • Time required: average of 1 to 2 hours per week
    • Period: six months, possibly extended by another six months
    • Payment: € 10 per hour
    • Supervision: coach and peer-to-peer coaching sessions
    • Register with your study advisor

    More information?

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