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Conditions for direct debit payment

You must meet the conditions for direct debit payment if you want to pay your tuition fee by direct debit mandate for full or staggered payment.

Conditions for direct debit payment

  1. By signing this form I declare that the tuition will be paid to the University of Groningen by means of an irrevocable mandate for direct debit (in full or in instalments).
  2. Cancelling a direct debit mandate does not release you from your payment obligations.
  3. You must use a European SEPA-proof bank account number (not a savings account). The account holder is not permitted to cancel the account before the last instalment has been paid.
  4. The account balance must be sufficient for the payments to be made by the due date.
  5. The Direct debit dates are mentioned at the payment method you selected. Prior to the execution of each direct debit, we will send you a message in which you will be informed about the exact date of the collection of the tuition fees.
  6. By signing the direct debit authorisation, you are undertaking a payment for the tuition fees/compensation due. This obligation is irreversible. If you are not the account holder, you must grant permission to the account-holder to pay the tuition fees/compensation in your behalf. You remain the person responsible for fulfilling the payment obligations.
  7. If changes need to be made to your registration that may influence the level of your tuition fees/compensation, signing this document gives automatic approval for the internal collection of the new tuition fees/compensation. You will receive notification by mail in the event that the amount increases.
  8. If the account holder does not agree with the debit, the payment can be reversed. To do so, contact your bank within 8 weeks. Your bank can inform you of the conditions. You can also contact the Central Student Administration.
    Please note that a reversal of the payment does not relieve you from your payment obligation.

Consequences of failure to pay tuition fees

  1. If a direct debit mandate has been set up for the payment of tuition fees/compensation and the full amount or an instalment cannot be debited, a term shall be set within which that amount or instalment must be paid.
  2. If there are not enough funds to cover an amount, the student will be excluded from the university IT facilities.
  3. If an amount cannot be collected and the student has not paid within the term stated in article 1, the remaining tuition fees/compensation will fall due.
  4. Payments of tuition fees/compensation shall be credited to the longest outstanding instalment.
  5. All collection charges shall be borne by the student.
  6. If the full amount or one or more instalments are paid late during an academic year, the Board of the University may decide to deny the student in question the right for direct debit payment next academic year.
  7. If the tuition fees/compensation or part thereof have not been paid by the end of the academic year (31 August), the student in question will not be able to register for the subsequent academic year until the outstanding amount (including any bailiff's fees) have been paid and the full tuition fees/compensation for the next academic year have been paid in one instalment.
  8. If the payment obligation cannot be met, then it is possible for registration at the University of Groningen to be terminated in line with the provisions of Article 24.2 of the 'Regulations for Registration and Tuition Fee'.

Termination of enrolment (not applicable for compensation)

If your enrolment ends during the academic year (e.g. if you graduate) and you apply for a refund of the tuition fees, please note the following: the administrative procedure will take at least two months. If you pay in instalments, this may mean that at least 1 more instalment will be debited to your account. Of course this amount will be included in the final refund.

For transfer of money from a foreign country see:

Make a photocopy of the form

Please consult the Regulations for Registration and Tuition Fees for the regulations in full.

After you have completed and signed this Direct Debit Mandate, we advise you to make a photocopy of it.

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