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Flipped videos

In most flipped classrooms, short video clips are used to help students prepare for interaction in the classroom. These clips convey the main points of the topic at hand, and pose the main questions and dilemma’s that students may encounter.

A short manual (Appendix 2) is written to support individual teachers in recording their own clips in a flexible, fast, and low-cost manner. As an example, one teacher described recording video clips as a way of giving feedback to learners. Instead of writing down the feedback, he would record a clip showing how a specific calculation is done. This is a quicker way to work, the teacher speaks out loud as he does the calculation, and doesn’t have to worry about correct wording. With modern tools for recording clips, such as this can easily be done from the teachers’ workplace or home address, at any time of day.

Video clips for flipped classrooms can also be made via AV services, with higher quality, but also, a more labour intensive approach and more planning necessary. As each AV service already has their own way of working, producing video clips via AV services departments is not covered here. Further, note that video clips to be used in a flipped classroom can be kept private in an individual Nestor course, and do not necessarily have to be used externally, such as videos as produced in MOOCs.

To enable teachers to integrate video clips in the flow of activities of their course a good integration with Nestor is necessary. It should be easy for teachers to upload their own produced videos in the learning environment. This integration is addressed in a different university-wide project.

Figure: two ways of recording video, on the teachers workplace, or via AV services
Figure: two ways of recording video, on the teachers workplace, or via AV services
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