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Course: Online open statistics tutorial

Tutorial Factor
Tutorial Factor

Faculty: Economics and Business

The faculty of Economics and Business has made an e-learning module available for students working on their thesis. This module can be followed by all students of the University of Groningen. The module consists of 8 topics that are covered in a several, comparable ways. The topics are:

  • Correlation
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Chi square
  • Factor analysis  
  • Regression analysis  
  • Moderation
  • Mediation

First, there is a videolecture (shorter than 10 minutes). The text of this lecture is also available as a pdf. This lecture is meant to give students quick access to relevant information for this phase of their studies. A short reminder (what is this method good for), when is it applicable, and when is it not applicable.

Second, there are tutorials, explaining the application of the method within a statistics package. This is done via a screencast. At the moment SPSS is used. Later this could be extended to other software (Stata, Eviews, R, etc) if the need exists with the students. In the tutorial attention is given to the way of presenting the outcomes of the statistical test. The dataset is available, for students to repeat the analysis and practice. Finally, self-tests are available with questions to check if they understand the methods. The Nestor organization has an (unmoderated) open forum to ask questions, and a sections with tips and background materials. All FEB students who subscribe to a Bachelor or Master’s thesis are given access to this organization. Lecturers can also add students themselves.

If other faculties want to make this module available, that is allowed and possible. Students can subscribe themselves as well. We hope this organisation will be helpful. Thesis supervisors are very happy with being able to forward to this information, instead of having to repeat materials themselves. This frees up time for supervisors and students to go deeper in their own area.

Contact: Sanne Ponsioen en Jan Riezebos

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Question 3
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