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For whom? Academische fase Legal preconditions

1. Who has the final say?

A lecturer would like to share her class recordings with a large audience through the use of a Creative Commons license. This way other lecturers can reuse and adapt her teaching materials, although they are required to attribute her as creator. Through this cooperation, the lecturer can increase the visibility of her expertise and increase the quality of her education. Is she allowed to make that decision?

Lecturers are both creators as well as users of materials protected by copyright. Copyright law resolves around the right to multiply and publish these kinds of materials. The copyright owner can exploit his work by asking a fee to allow publication. Besides this, personality rights protect the special band between the creator and his creation. There is a regulation in copyright law stating that copyright is owned by the employer of the creator when such a work has been created during the time the creator was employed there. It is assumed that this applies to teaching materials as well. However, the employer, based on personality rights, is not allowed to remove the name of the creator. Besides that, the University Board can formulate certain guidelines on copyright regulations, based on articles in the Collective Labour Agreements, but these have not been formulated yet for teaching materials. If there are clear exploitation possibilities, the regular University of Groningen norms for intellectual property will apply. A new development, however, is that the university stimulates lecturers to work on projects where teaching materials are made available on the internet for free. In this case, the Creative Commons licenses offer an internationally-recognized set of agreements to allow re-usage. Before joining these kinds of projects, we advise you to contact the Administrative and Legal Affairs department to ensure that clear agreements are made early on.

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