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For whom? Academische fase Legal preconditions

6. Written-out classes on internet

Students record classes and offer written-out lectures for sale online. Is this allowed?

As far back as 300 years ago, classes by the famous Boerhaave were recorded by clerics and offered for sale the day after. A trial about this, led to the recognition of copyright of the scientist and the university. Nowadays, there are many new technologies available to record lectures and offer them for sale online. Copyright law comes into play regardless when creating something. Based on copyright law, the copyright owner can take legal action against violators, such as websites that offer clearly illegal information. In 2014, Dutch university leaders have started to investigate if together they can take legal actions against these kinds of websites.

Pay attention! Publishing classes can also violate someone’s privacy, for instance when a guest lecturer shows real-world examples.

In this clip Dirk Visser, professor at University of Leiden, explains when a work is protected by copyright. Also a blogpost about recording and sharing classes causes quite a lively debate on the well-known blog about internet law, Ius Mentis.
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