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Legal preconditions

When you make educational material available for e-learning projects, you have to think of the legal preconditions. Here you will find an overview of the frequently asked questions regarding this matter. These questions offer insight in the debate concerning the sharing of educational material. In this debate there a three guiding issues.

  1. Open education is becoming more and more important. Open education encompasses all institutional practices that broaden access to the ‘traditional’ methods of learning. Therefore, it is convenient to learn more about the values concerning the sharing of the educational material. One of the core values of the University of Groningen is that sharing educational material should support the on-site education, and not make the latter superfluous.
  2. The existing jurisprudence concerning the sharing of educational material is often not tailored fit the educational context. Not only copyright laws and the law for the protection of personal information, but also the collective labor agreement has to be taken into account. These are only a few examples of the different judicial aspects of the whole of legal preconditions.
  3. There are legal possibilities to take judicial steps when copyright is breached, but the enforcement options are limited. This makes it extra important to lay down clear preconditions.

Copyrightuser provides additional information and Weblectures (dutch) provides a guide that helps users deal with the juridicial aspects of sharing educational material.

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