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Conference: E-learning: enhancing the classroom experience

When:Th 09-04-2015 13:15 - 17:30
Where:Blue room, Duisenberg building, Zernike

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For some teachers a blackboard and a piece of chalk are enough. But nowadays e-learning offers so much more. How can we use e-learning to make our teaching better and more appealing? Join us at the seminar ‘E-learning: enhancing the classroom experience’ on April 9 and get inspired.

In our new strategic plan for education e-learning will play an important role. The University of Groningen will not become an ‘online university’, but will remain a campus university that provides good and engaging teaching. E-learning offers new possibilities to engage our students in our education, to adapt to different learning needs and to provide more feedback to students.

You are most cordially invited to our e-learning seminar on April 9.

Kind regards,

Elmer Sterken, Rector Magnificus


What: Seminar on e-learning. Thursday April 9 2015, 13:15-17:30h, at the Duisenberg building (FEB, Zernike)

For whom: Teaching staff and education administrators who would like to learn more about the possibilities of e-learning in education.

Something for everyone: Workshops will be given for participants who would like an introduction to a particular e-learning instrument. But there are also workshops for experienced e-learning users. Here you can discuss your experiences in class. What worked for you and what didn’t? And what could you do to further improve your teaching?

Language: The main language of this seminar is Dutch, several presentations will be done in English (indicated in the programme).



13:15 Welkom en introductie, prof. dr. J.H. (Harry) Garretsen, voorzitter Stuurgroep E-learning

13:30 11,000 students, 1 course: lecturer reflections on the MOOC, dr. J. (Jennifer) Jordan (EN)

14:00 De doorwerking van de Flipped European Classroom - Flippen als katalysator voor een herijking van je onderwijs en opleiding, prof. mr. dr. H.H.B. (Hans) Vedder

14:30 Koffie en thee

14:50 Workshopronde 1

  • Introductie: De ideale onderwijsdag van een student, Florentine van Elsacker, voorzitter studievereniging Chemische Binding
  • Discussion: Webcollaboration tools: breaking the boundaries of the classroom. dr. S. (Sake) Jager (EN)
  • Introductie: Blauwdruk voor het ontwerp van flipped classrooms, V. (Vincent) de Boer, dr. J.C. (Koos) Winnips
  • Introduction: Why are we making MOOCs? drs. T. (Tom) Spits (EN)
  • Discussie: #tentamen: digitaal toetsen in 2015 , drs. I. A. (Ireen) Venema

15:40 Pauze (tijdens de pauze: het opnemen van korte videoclips voor onderwijs)

16:00 Workshopronde 2

  • Discussie: Flipped classroom: zijn we hier klaar voor? dr. R. (Rink) Hoekstra
  • Discussie: Activation By Captivation: The ABC of Screencaptures and Webinars, D. J. J. (Derk-Jan) Heslinga (EN)
  • Introduction: Wander Jager: Gaming in education: learning to play, playing to learn (EN)
  • Introductie: Learning Analytics, early warning signals

16:50 Borrel (tijdens de borrel: het opnemen van korte videoclips voor onderwijs)

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