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Data Management Data Management Planning

What information should an RDMP contain?

In general, a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) includes answers to the following questions:

  • What data are you going to collect? What is the size and type of the data and data files that will be generated?
  • Where and how will you store your data? Which backup methods and procedures will you use?
  • How will the data be shared and transferred between colleagues, both from and outside of the institution? 
  • How are you going to organize and describe your data?
  • Who can access your data? Will the archived data become available to others?
  • If there is an embargo, how are you going to manage access?
  • What data will be archived when the project is finished? Where and for how long?
  • Who owns the data? Who is responsible for the management of your data?
Last modified:25 May 2022 3.10 p.m.