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How to write a Data Management Plan?

There are different templates available that can be used to create your Research Data Management Plan (RDMP). Your funder usually indicates which template you should use (see also: Funder Requirements). Additionally, various UG faculties and institutes have their own templates, with questions tailored to the type of data used in their discipline.

The DCC can provide you access to the university’s RDMP webtool, which is an easy way to generate your RDMP.

You can always contact the DCC about:

  • Preparing a data management paragraph or plan (RDMP) and/or receiving feedback from a DCC data steward
  • What costs for data management to include in your research proposal
  • Data storage and sharing solutions
  • Archiving and publishing your data
  • Any question about data management or necessary IT solutions
Last modified:08 June 2022 12.34 p.m.