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Software & Tools

On this site you can find an overview of software and other IT tools you can use for your research and that are supported by the DCC.

Qualtrics Survey Platform


The Qualtrics Research Suite is a user-friendly, feature-rich, web-based survey tool which allows users to build, distribute, and analyse online surveys, collaborate in real-time, and export data in multiple formats. Qualtrics is available to all University of Groningen staff and students, only for teaching and research purposes . Business or internal customer/student satisfaction surveys are not allowed under our current campus license.

When using Qualtrics, you will probably collect personal data . Researchers, students and staff who collect personal data are obliged to protect the privacy of the survey respondents by thinking carefully about the survey design.

Please read our Qualtrics guidelines to know what is expected of you before getting started on the system.

Research Data Management Planning tool

RDMP webtool

The RDMP web tool consists of a set of questions about data management that the researcher answers online. The questions are based on the data management policies and procedures of the Faculty and its research institutes. Each institute can formulate its own questions and create its own version of the tool. When all questions are answered via the tool, the responses are generated as a RDMP and exported as PDF.

Demonstration and Instruction videos

Please note you can only use the tool when you have access rights

DataverseNL (repository for data publication)

DataverseNL is the UG's default repository for publishing data. This online service enables researchers to archive a wide variety of academic data (and software) in an online environment, safely and sustainably. It is an open source initiative launched by Harvard University. On the DANS website you can find more information about DataverseNL.

Access to data on the researchers’ terms

DataverseNL enables researchers to share data with other academics or interested parties. It should be emphasized that it is up to the researchers to decide who is entitled access to which dataset, taking into account policies by the university and research institutes, cooperation during research, privacy, IP-interests and embargos. DataverseNL however, is not suitable for highly sensitive data.

How does it work?

If you want to archive and publish your data for the first time in DataverseNL, just click the contact button below and let us know. We will contact you and help you get started.

Last modified:14 March 2022 9.14 p.m.