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Workshop Numerical Python for programmers


Duration: 1 day

Course Format

Workshop with alternately theoretical explanation and hands on practise.

Important: Participants should have basic knowledge of Python and numerical methods.

Course fee

Students and PhD students: € 45
UG, UMCG, Hanze: € 115
External: € 235

Course dates and enrollment

Contact: CIT secretariat (050 - 36 39200)

Course fee includes documentation and lunch.


The Python packages NumPy, SciPy en Matplolib are valuable additions to Python for the creation of powerful software for data analysis and -processing.
We discuss NumPy's ndarray object and its methods. These methods process large data sets very efficiently. With Matplotlib one can plot simple figures as easy as with Matlab, but Matplotlib's integration with NumPy and SciPy makes it a very powerful tool to create also complex figures. In relation to this, we will discuss its object oriented interface. Examples will be discussed of visualisation of one- and two dimensional data. At the end of the course we will discuss a subset of SciPy's functionality. Exercises are part of the course.

All software that we use for this course is platform-independent. All packages are Open Source.The practical work is done in a Linux environment. Besides the three main packages  NumPy, SciPy en Matplolib, we will also discuss some smaller, but powerful packages important for scientific software development (a.o. Mayavi for 3D data).

Teacher: Martin Vogelaar (FSE-Sterrenkunde)


Participants should have basic knowledge of Python and numerical methods.

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