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Corporate Academy

Corporate Academy

Teaching and learning in the International Classroom

Picture of training
Date Fall 2018
Target group University teachers who are interested in internationalisation in higher education.
Level ** (UTQ/BKO required)
Price 150 EUR
Study load 6 hours
Number of participants 6-8 participants
Certificate You will be awarded a certificate at the end of the course.

This course is for experienced lecturers who are interested in internationalisation and intercultural skills, but have no prior knowledge about this or started working in an international setting. The course provides information that can be used in practice and discusses questions like:

●    What is internationalisation and how is it seen by the UG?
●    What are academic cultural differences (ACD) that you (could) face?
●    How can you deal with ACD’s in your classroom?

The course does not require working in an international oriented programme, but interest in internationalisation in higher education.

Learning outcomes

- To define “Internationalisation of Higher Education”;
- To analyse educational aspects in frameworks on culture;
- To recognize academic cultural differences (ACD’s) in your teaching practice;
- To include the obtained insights regarding ACD's in your teaching practice;

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