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During the English General Language Skills courses of the University of Groningen Language Centre, attention will be on speaking, writing, reading and listening with some focuses on vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation. These courses are for general skills and are not intended to be preparation courses for any formal English tests. For the test preparation courses, see this page.

Your Level: Mandatory Office Hour

It is important that you enroll in an English course at the right level so that you feel challenged to learn more but also feel comfortable with the level. Therefore, we require that you go to the English office hours during which your language levels will be briefly assessed. The intake instructor will then give you an advice card, which you need to bring with you when enrolling at our Office. If you are registering online, you need to send a scan of the advice card to languagecentre

NOTE: You may only register for a course if you have had a Language Centre English course OR an evaluation during our English office hours .

When should I go to the office hours?

  • If you have not ever taken a Language Centre English course.

Who should not go to the office hours?

  • If you have already taken a Language Centre English course, you can register using the advice card the teacher gave you at the end of the course.


Our English courses are offered at several levels described in terms of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This is a reference framework developed by the Council of Europe that provides a basis for comparing language proficiency levels and interpreting test scores.. Please find an overview of the courses below and use the menu to find more information about schedules, content and rates.

Standard English Group Courses

(please see the links for the schedules)

Course CEFR
English A1/A2 > A2 Elementary A1/A2 A2
English A2 > A2/B1 Elementary A2 A2/B1
English A2/B1 > B1 Pre-Intermediate A2/B1 B1
English B1 > B1/B2 Pre-Intermediate B1 B1/B2
English B1/B2 > B2 Intermediate B1/B2 B2
English B2 > B2/C1 Intermediate B2 B2/C1
English B2/C1 > C1 Advanced B2/C1 C1
English C1 > C1 and higher Advanced C1 C1 and higher

Attendance Certificate

At the end of the course, every participant will receive an attendance certificate on condition that they have attended 75% of the lessons.

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