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Dealing with aggressive and unacceptable behaviour

This training session is also available in Dutch.


Verbal and physical aggression on the work floor. It doesn’t happen every day, but still more often than we would like.

In this training session, you will learn how to deal with aggressive or unacceptable behaviour in your working environment. This could be physically aggressive behaviour but could also be intimidating, threatening, angry or sexist behaviour. You will never get used to aggressive and/or unacceptable behaviour, but you can learn how to deal with it. How do you keep yourself as well as the situation in control? This is the key focus of this training session.

Note: this training session has been added to the range of training sessions offered by HR-Experts and will be evaluated based on the experiences of the participants.


After following the training session, you will be able to:

  • Identify the difference between violence, aggression, unacceptable behaviour and annoying behaviour.
  • Recognise how this behaviour affects you.
  • Recognise when someone has gone too far.
  • Identify your strengths and limitations in dealing with unacceptable/undesirable behaviour.
  • Respond effectively in practical situations.
  • Identify what kind of support you need in dealing with aggression (for example, from your manager).
  • Exchange experiences with colleagues (from other departments) and establish the kinds of behaviour that are acceptable and where you draw the line based on these experiences.

Target group(s)

Staff members of the UG who, by the nature of their work or in their daily practice, encounter or could encounter forms of aggression or unacceptable behaviour.

Note: It is also possible for you and your team to follow a tailor-made course. For this, please contact Nickolet Boer (AMD) or Silvia Huisman (HR-Experts)


Communication skills aimed at dealing with verbal aggression and unacceptable behaviour. Offered through a mixture of learning theory, practising with a training actor and, if applicable, evaluating your own experiences (individual cases from your work floor).


A trainer from the Wenckebach Instituut and a training actor.

Date and location

Two half-days.

Dates will be announced as soon as possible.



Maximum number of participants



Nickolet Boer (AMD) or Silvia Huisman (HR-Experts)

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