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Corporate Academy

Leadershipprogramme full professors


  • How can I combine my academic career with managing a department/discipline group?
  • As a professor, what can I expect from the University of Groningen, and what does the organization expect of me?
  • How do I provide leadership to professionals in an effective and appropriate way?
  • How do fellow professors make their way through the organization?

The programme provides information about the university organization as well as information about your personal development as a manager.
Prior to the programme there will be a preliminary interview in which you can discuss your own goals and objectives.


By the end of the programme you will have a greater understanding of the University’s organizational and administrative structure.
The programme provides guidelines for situational leadership, conducting effective discussions and guiding change processes.
You will have met fellow professors and received feedback on case studies.

Target group(s)

Full professors


Self-reflection, social awareness, connective leadership, coaching, result orientation, listening.


Styles of influence.
You will fill in a questionnaire on this subject and receive feedback on your influencing style. Which styles of influence are there, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Change processes and your role as a manager.
Which change phase is your department in, and what does this mean for you as a professor?

Situational leadership.
Which leadership methods are there, and how can you use them effectively? You will vary your leadership depending on the task maturity, competence and motivation of the staff you manage.

Introduction to the University’s strategy, the administrative organization, and your role within that framework.

Organizational diagnosis: you will assess your own department.


Through interaction with a number of speakers from the University, you will learn about the organizational structure and strategy of the University.

A large part of the programme focuses on you as a manager. This means that it will deal with models as well as your own case studies. Practising and advising each other are also part of the programme.


Barbara Takacs, Takacs & Verheijden
Gerald Lier, HR-Experts


New data will be announced as soon as possible.

If you are interested in this training you can send an e-mail to where you express your interest. You will receive an e-mail if the dates for this training are known.


The programme is free of charge.


Rietland, Oosterseweg 62, 9785 TB Zuidwolde

Maximum number of participants



Marloes Siccama

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